Screen Printing

All types of printing on textiles

Plastisol printing

Plastisol paints are used in textile printing. They are easy to print and have high opacity and good adhesion to most textiles. They consist of two main ingredients: PVC and plasticizer. Plastiso...

Water-based printing

Water-based ink are traditionally used for printing on textiles. The reason for this popularity are two factors: first, the products printed with water-based ink are softer than those made with plasti...

Foil printing

The foil printing technology produces bright and unusual images on fabrics similar to traditional foil stamping. The color of printing foil veries on color spectrum depending on your idea and des...

Other effects

Learn more about additional effects such as rhinestones, pearl, liquid gold and silver, glitter and many others. Rhinestones are an imitation of precious stones made of lead glass with a hi...