About us

Textile Design Group LLC

Textile Design Group LLC was founded in 2014. Despite the short time of its existence, it is one of the leading manufacturers of knitwear in Uzbekistan! With help of qualified staff and the usage of high-quality materials, our company provides customers with sewing services of wide range knitted goods, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear and much more for any age group. It is also possible to develop unique models and thematic collections and their further production

We strive to satisfy our customers' requirements and expectations by delivering the best products and providing high-quality services and as a result, to proudly announce the brand "Made in Uzbekistan"!

Product quality


Compliance with deadlines

Responsibility for the work done


Sewing manufacture

  • Number of employees (seamstresses): 75 people
  • Production volume: 800-2000 pcs. per shift / 20 000- 50 000 pcs. per month
  • Equipment, number of sewing machines: the equipment park includes up to 70 machines of different types (Juki)
  • The possibility of construction of e-templates (Gerber software)
  • Wide range of fabrics. Up to 40 types of knitting.
  • Quality control and monitoring on each step of knit fabric production, such as yarn production, knitting and painting.
  • Presence of experimental department.

Printing manufacture (Screen printing)

  • Number of employees: 7 people
  • Production volume: 3000-5000 pcs per shift
  • Modern printing equipment (MHM)
  • High quality consumables (Wilflex, Virus, Rutland, Kiwo)

Textile Design Group LLC- is an effective management team, qualified cutters and seamstresses, talented and experienced fashion designers, who professionally and efficiently perform their work. We are focused on long-term cooperation and are proud that many customers work with us to this day, once again confirms our professionalism and ability to meet their high standards. We hope to see you among our regular customers!